Harry Potter: Screen Accurate House Ties?


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Hey guys, I'm currently looking for a screen accurate Gryffindor tie. A quick look on ebay and the link show TONS of results, but who offers the most accurate? I guess most have SA material, but are too wide? Does anyone have any input? :lol

EDIT - I guess the Wizarding World of HP ties are 100% silk? They look nice in pictures...
SA to which film? The first two have alternating single stripes. From 3 on, it alternates a wide stripe skinny stripe pattern... Also, at some point, gryffindor colors went from a maroon and yellow to a purple and gold... I dunno.
Ahh, sorry...I meant the later skinny/wide stripe version. Either color combination would work for me though!
Just make sure that they DON'T have a house crest, and if you're getting a sweater. The purple and gold of the tie will not match the maroon and yellow of the sweater. The proper colors are out there. I just bought one from eBay, for $1.00.
Noble Collection has the most accurate Gryffindor tie, while the rest of the house tie colors are more accurate from Wizarding World.
Awesome, I'll check around for a Noble one then! :) Thanks for the input guys!

I'm sort of just doing this because I essentially have the other peices (although not 100% accurate), a vest, dress shirt, and slacks. I would like a tie to wear to wear with the stuff to a few Christmas events, such as my church's Christmas service. :lol
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