Harry Potter - Screen Accurate Butter Beer Mug Found!


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So I am a big fan of fictional movie/tv food and drink and Harry Potter's Butter Beer has always fascinated me. In case you don't know, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida currently offers an official J.K. Rowling approved Butter Beer as part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction, in which they serve the cream soda and butterscotch flavored drink in collectible plastic mugs.
The mugs however, look like cheap plastic beer mugs and bear no resemblance to the mugs used in the films.

Film screenshots:

The park mugs:

With the opening of the Diagon Alley expansion mid last year, they began to serve "Hot Butter Beer" in new plastic mugs that have a pedestal like the film version ones:

For most amateur fans, bringing these plastic mugs home to display is good enough but for those who want to make a batch of their own Butter Beer (recipes are all over the internet) and drink it in the official glassware used in the Three Broomsticks and the Hog's Head, the glass is a 10oz Libbey Irish Coffee mug that can be found online, or on ebay from time to time, usually in sets of 4. Libbey makes a wide range of Irish Coffee mugs so be sure that you are getting the straight vertical sided version with the correct handle:

Size comparison to the Universal Studios mugs:


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Wellll.... Now that you bring that to my attention, it appears that I may have jumped the gun. The movie mug doesn't have the base patterns at all. I have searched for the past hour and found the correct glass. It looks like a lot of British catering rental places use this specific glass and my guess is that the Harry Potter production team called in one of these caterers for some of the restaurant supplies that happened to have this specific glass.
The problem is now, I have found one site selling a 4-pack of the glass but they only sell in the UK with no US shipping available. Do we have any UK members here who would like to earn a little $$ by assisting in me getting a couple of these glasses to the US? PM me!

The correct glass:


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Off Topic (kinda):

Isn't it weird how much alcohol references there are in these movies that are about kids?

Yet, at least when the books first came out, there was outrage about witchcraft?

I listen to Harry Potter books on tape every night when I go to bed. There is a load of alcohol use and or references.


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Hi Shadeone,

I am from the UK, so feel free to hit me up with what you need etc and I'm sure I can sort something out for you.


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very nice find! doing a reverse image search, its cardinal 11874 by arcoroc. you can get these in the US too

btw, also off topic. what is your favorite recipe? lol


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Where have you found to get these in the US? I haven't found the smooth base version on any US sites yet... searching for that number brings up tons of these in the US but they have an angled side to them:

Snowfire, Ill PM you soon if I dont find anything here!


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Where have you found to get these in the US? I haven't found the smooth base version on any US sites yet... searching for that number brings up tons of these in the US but they have an angled side to them:
that is not the mug you're looking for. its tapered.

Unfortunately picture isn't the best, so hard to say whether exactly the same
that's the correct one.

they both appear to be the 11874 model as they're in arcoroc's cardinal line of glassware. i've a feeling the screen accurate one is the older model. i 'found' them on several .com sites, even in amazon. so they're available in the US as well. if you plan on buying, i think you should contact the seller to be sure you'll get the mug that looks exact to the one on the photo, and not a different model. :\


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I purchased the ones for Shadeone in the UK which we confirmed are the correct ones

Will be shipping out tomorrow once we confirm postage. :)


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Hey man do you still have spares, or are you willing to share the link where you can buy this 4 pack?

Kind regards


Snowfire is this something that can be found just about anywhere in the UK? I have friends in the south near Portsmouth and I'd really like to get my hands on a few.
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