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I have a question, and not sure if this was explained in the books or not..

After watching the Deathly Hallows pt 2, I was wondering if Proffesor Mcgonagall ages slower or if she is supposed to be her correct human age? I only ask because after Snape gives Harry his memories, Mcgonagall is there to put the Sorting Hat on Harry's mom and Snape the first year they attended, and she didnt look like she was much younger than she looked in the first movie..

I would guess that atleast 30 years have passed front that moment until the first HP movie
Yes the wizards age slower. Dumbledore is suppost to be 170 years old amd Nicolas Flamel is like 665 years old in the first book.
Wizards age a little differently and they tend to live a bit longer most of the time. Dumbledore was actually 116 when he died as he was born in 1881 and died in 1997. McGonagall would've been 63 in DH since she was born in 1935. She does look too old in the flashback when Lily was being Sorted, but that was most likley because of how old Maggie Smith is and the fact the movie people did nothing to make her younger as she would've been in her late 30s when Harry's parents started school.. As for Nicolas Flamel, wizards normally don't live that long. That was only because he and his wife had the Philosopher's Stone to give them the Elixir of Life.
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I think Gryffindor1991 is about right, wizard age slower because they can use magic to heal parts of their bodies that begin to break down using magic!
Plus didn't she give the Time Turner to Hermione.

"Bad things happen to Wizards that meddle in time travel."

Maybe she used it to stay younger longer somehow.
Plus didn't she give the Time Turner to Hermione.

"Bad things happen to Wizards that meddle in time travel."

Maybe she used it to stay younger longer somehow.

Nope, At least in the books she only convinced the the people that have the time turners to lend hermione one.
Thou nothing says that she might have had some experience with it when she was younger., but that is not something i have heard JKR write about.......but you might find it on Fanfictions sites..
Thanks Luke! you have a point as well. You can always delay death and ageing, but from what we know about the series, there are only two ways to prevent death completely and thats the Elixir of Life and making Horcruxes, but they still aren't totally reliable because they can be stolen or destroyed.

micdavis, they can't use Time Turners for just anything. The Ministry heavily regulates them. The only reason Hermione got hers was because McGonagall wrote many letters to the Ministry and convinced them of how responsible she is..

Also, as a side note.. With canon, the book information overrules the films. Like Snape, he's in his 30s in the books, but Alan Rickman is in his 60s. So you can't really determine a character's age from the films.
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