HARRY POTTER Professor Sybill Trelawney's replica necklace from Prisoner of Azkaban


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Hello everyone, it's been a good while since my last run, but a new one is finally here!! It's going to be one of the many Professor Trelawney's pendants.

Please note that these will not be official Harry Potter items, production made or screen used.

The original prop was an existing antique bulb-shaped pendant, and not a specifically production designed artifact. Surprisingly, the little knob on top can be unscrewed to reveal what is actually a tiny bottle, making it even more interesting! The bottle was originally meant to store perfume, but I suppose some kind of potion or trance/vision inducing scent is more what the prop department had in mind

Professor Trelawney wears this necklace in every HP movie from Prisoner of Azkaban on. You can also spot it on her mannequin at the WB Studio Tour London!

Picture nr. 1 shows the actual finished and boxed product.

The cost for each piece will be 85 euros plus postage.
To Europe: 15 Euros. Please note that due to some EU rules, European buyers must be charged VAT in addition to the original price
To North and South America: 20 euros
To Australia: 25 euros

To place an order, please leave a comment down below showing your interest AND send me an email to this address hardcorepottermaker@gmail.com, indicating your therpf username, full name, shipping address, how many necklaces you wish to purchase and your Paypal email.

Many thanks for looking! And happy collecting!

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