Harry Potter ministrys triwizard dragon pouch


For my next project I wanted to make the dragon pouch from HP and the Goblet of fire.

I managed to get a somewhat blurry screenshot myself.
The outside of the bag is a very deep purple with a kind of herring-bone pattern and the inside was a shimmery purple.
It has a corded drawstring with tassels on the end.
I have managed to find some material that is somewhat similar.

The large silver M on the bag looks really lovely. I'm not sure how to go about doing that though? I have a friend that use to have an embroidery sewing machine that you could download images from your computer and the machine would sew it - so I might try and re-create the M and see if my friend can embroider it for me.
If not there are plenty of embroidery shops I could try..

If anyone has a clear photo of the prop that would be awesome!


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you can buy them from the japanese wb shop, but i don't think it's very screen accurate, but it might be a good source of ideas

Pete SSS

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Nothing really new I'm afraid, but here are some caps at a slightly higher resolution. I've upped the contrast on the first one so you can see the double "M" a little more easily. It looks like there is a dark M behind the light one. The last pic here shows the weave of the herring bone very nicely.






Here are the pictures of the prop I have in my collection. I hope they help :)

lemonlemonk you are a legend!
Thank you so much for the screen used prop photo's as they will help me heaps!

I got the material from my local fabric shop here in Adelaide but after seeing the prop in better light shows that my fabric is really not a very good match...although perhaps I can use that as a test and then see if I can find better matching material at another store or via the net.

Thanks also for the monogram. I will see about talking to my friend with the embroidery machine ;)

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I'm feeling excited :lol
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Very cool idea! When it's done you need to find away to make it smoke a little whenever it's opened! Or put a little motor in there so it wiggles slightly. Anyways, would love to see what you found as far as the fabric.

Good luck!



four real dragons would be the go!

I spent Saturday at my friends house and we put the monogram into her embroidery program where I spent hours moving nodes to make it look really good.

Next step it to try embroidering it...fingers crossed it looks as good as it does on screen.
I'll keep you updated


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I've had both the Japanese versions, and sold quite a few of them as well. The cheaper one has the "M" just printed on the bag, the other it is embroidered. The more expensive also has the herringbone style fabric and beaded tassles.
Here's the pic of my "MOM" display with the embroidered one and a pic of the other one.


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BlackMarketMagi: What an absolutely beautiful display you have put together....museum-worthy to be sure! (So when are you going to open The Harry Potter Museum? …..:-D You’d be perfect for the job without a doubt, and you're in the perfect location!):thumbsup


Oh very nice :)
Thanks for sharing the pics. It always makes it easier when you have more references ;)

I'm just waiting on my friend with the embroidery machine now and being so close the Xmas I don't want to put the hard word on her...so I wait...patiently ;)
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