Harry Potter. Ministry of Magic Pass.

Cornelius Sagan

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Hello, I am going to explain the process of making the Harry Potter Ministry of Magic Pass. I hope you find it interesting and can be useful for your projects.
Sorry, some processes are not photographed. If you have any questions, just ask.
The pass is made entirely of metal, the colors and oxides are those produced by the process.
A photo of the exposed pass served as a reference (also a book):


This is the result:


Cornelius Sagan

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First we make a positive of the frame in resin to be able to make a mold. The wax copy that will go to the foundry is extracted from this mold. Sorry, I do not have photos of this process.
The brass frame that the foundry gives us has to be worked. I use 250 grit sandpaper first and 400 later.
…. 979C7EE5-0559-4006-B4FD-B1DF29FBFE25.jpeg
Then we cut a sheet of brass for the back of the frame.
…. 8C1E3D50-59E6-49F2-9B46-E5F83283C2BC.jpeg
We weld the sheet to the frame. As this piece does not undergo any effort, the solder can be soft (tin)

Cornelius Sagan

New Member
As the piece oxidizes a lot, it will have to go through the polisher again.


Now it is the turn of the symbol of the ministry.
It goes through the same polishing process, but it is also polished with polishing wax.


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