Harry Potter: McGongall's Brooch


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Here's McGonagall and her brooch (yeah, she isn't too happy about it):

I'd attempted this brooch back in the summer of 2007. Here's my first attempt. The lack of reference and higher-res photos (like the one above) really hindered me. I was also hindered by my complete and utter lack of knowledge of materials and processes.


Fast forward to today. I've had my 3D mill for several years, and a few projects under my belt. Here's my cold-cast resin version of the brooch:


And the cast pewter version:


Full write up and pics of the process on my blog: Curious Goods » McGonagall’s Brooch 2.0
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When I first looked at the page I only saw the fist pic, thought not bad but room for improvment , then on scrolling down I see youve made that improvement , it looks great,
enjoyed your blog to ,
Again an awesome work of art Juno! :)

And me, being on a HUGE Harry Potter kick lately, I really appreciate this new entry in your already great set of HP replicas! ;)

Wonderful work as always :thumbsup

Will you be selling these? It'd be the perfect accessory for my wife to wear with her McGonagall outfit.

Thanks for all the kind words. Yes, they are on my etsy store. I'll be putting up the metal ones later this week.

I have a robe, but I don't cosplay as any particular character or student. I taught magic a couple of times at a local book store, and I have a character I created for that.

Received the brooch already and my wife loves it! Great work as always!


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