Harry Potter Hogwarts goblet


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Hi, all. I'm on the hunt for photos of the glass Hogwarts goblet as seen in the Harry Potter films (particularly in the Great Hall scenes). Screencaps would be nifty; I am especially interested in learning more about the Japanese replica that was sold a couple of years ago.



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I found this metal goblet which is perfect for the student's goblet but pewter and can be gold plated at the cup and it cost $90



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In the future I might make some goblets for myself and friends in wood
I'm somewhat of an amateur woodworker and I'm taking classes now for woodturning

This is my first attempt so far for turning a goblet
It's a small one, about 8 cm in height, made from a scrap piece of wood
Took me about 2 1/2 hours t make
Don't mind the scratches, etc... It's only a first attempt ;) ;)

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