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Hi all,

I'm working on a slytherin uniform for myself. However, I'm not quite far yet.

I have a scarf, a white blouse and a tie. I'm looking for good robes. I also ordered a crest. But I ordered the wrong one. But I will find a use for it ;)

Here are some pics, for the sake of pics.
(and yes, it's a black hooded bathrobe. Not a real robe. LOL :lol)


Just the general look.


This is with the bathrobe. Gives it bit more...of a look.


And me being very serious with Snape's wand:

On the wand: I thought the nobel collection was crooked. However, mine seems quite straight though.

Later this week I will get my slytherin badge from my parents house... Yes I made the mistake and let it ship to my old adress (with my parents :lol)

So I'm thinking to make my own robe. I've seen some good tutorials online. And I want to make it functional too. With pockets and such. My mom has done the fasion academy so she could help me sow many things :lol

I will keep you guys posted! Tips are always welcome!
(I also want a quidditch costume....once.)
Huge HP fan! Two things.

1. The pants are apparantly a super dark charcoal. I always thought they were black... Aparantly, I was wrong.
2. The SA ties don't have a crest on them. I was able to find them on eBay for pretty cheap. It wasn't hard to find, you just have to look.

Also, if you notice, the stripe patterns on the ties change after the second movie, so it depends on which
Look you are going for.

I always love these costumes because they are easily accessable.

I'm doubting pants or a skirt. But knowing myself, pants would be my thing instead of a skirt indeed.

For the jumper: They don't always seem to wear it (summertime?). I'm still doubting to get one if i want the summer uniform. I could always get one lateron.

For the tie; I noticed they didn't have a crest AFTER I bought it :lol oh well, I'll get to my robe first A.S.A.P. I did notice that my bathrobe actually comes quite close with the looks, with some minor changes. However, it's way to thick (and expensive) to edit.
But at least I have a bit of a reference :)
I used this woman's website when making my screen accurate school uniform. She has compiled a very comprehensive study of the costume. Rebel's Haven - Hogwarts Robes Research

The only item I really disagree with in her write up is that I bought my sweater from Lochaven since they made the ones for the films.
Yes, I've looked at Rebel's haven. She has become my reason to make it myself. I loved her research! When mom comes back I'll ask her for help. In the meanwhile I've been looking at some fabrics on markets. Howver, I haven't found anything good yet.

@ the badge discussion: I'm not so sure if the badge will be 'cheap' with the shipping to Europe. I've seen badges in the UK too. So I'll take a look around and see where it goes.
Actually...how is accurate is this one? I Don't like the shade of the black fabric on this. Anyone seen this in real life?

"Authentic" Robe

I've seen them in person and they're not fully lined and they're made of semi shiny polyester mix fabric.

You need to either sew your own out of wool gabardine with cotton lining, or commission someone to make it for you if you want it to be accurate.
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