Harry Potter Film Wizardry: different versions?


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I'm planning to buy the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book, but I see that there are two versions: one with a blue cover, one with a red cover (ISB numbers 9780061997815 and 9780593066485).

Does anybody knows what the exact difference is? Is it just the color of the cover (one for US and one for Europe or something), or is the content also different? I see that a replica of the marauder's map (and a lot of other "inserts") is included, so is this included in both versions? So a bit of clarification about the two versions would be very welcome ;-).
I'm in the UK and I have the blue cover version, it comes with all the paper goodies, if that helps at all? Not sure about the red version.
I have looked through both versions of the book and in the red covered version there was a sticker placed over the credits on the last page. The blue version didn't have the sticker. I am assuming it has to do with region... I prefer and have the blue cover! xD

PS: I live in Australia, so both versions had to be imported. The red is from America and the blue cover has UK credits and from what I observed the included props scans are identical. Hope this helps.
hello, thanks for the informations about blue and red covers. by the way i have the blue one. i want to ask something else, does anyone know that will there be a second wizardry book with different props etc? does anyone know anything about that?
I wondered the same thing, I have the red one. The marauders map is not a full size one however just to let you know.
As for a second book, I haven't heard anything about it. I know the first one has sold extremely well. Here's hoping they continue the trend of prop filled books of goodies with other franchises as well.
I live in Australia, and have the red cover version, you can get it in any bookstore here, trey, how come you had to import it?

but if the red cover is American, does the blue cover say Philosoper's Stone? It kind of bugged me that thatit says Sorcerer's, that is the American title, we use Philosoper's here.

Also there is an amazon listing for 'Harry Potter page to screen' to be released later this year, but no Info really other than a title and working cover.
@lynx0099: A friend of mine hear from the publisher about another second film wizardry book coming this fall. At one point there as an article about it on mugglenet, but the publisher asked them to take it down. It not writing by the same guy how did the first, but it will included all 8 films, My HP group calls the film wizardry book the bible book, when it comes to film. Most of our group own a copy of it.
We have the red version here as well, but I don't see any "sticker" on the back...

I was a bit disappointed that they didn't include the Hogwarts Ticket as a "removable" insert. It's just there, printed on the page.
Thank you for all the information on the book. I was planning on buying the red cover version but just to be sure I'll buy the blue one instead x)
@Norbert, oh wonderful news finally! thank you so much. i really wonder now how will it happen, will it have removable props like the first one did. which props will it have. oh my god i really wonder it sooooo much. thanks for this great new, i hope it is %100 sure
@Lynx0099: and everyone else

Here is the new book and info. Right from Comic con today

HarperCollins has released the official cover for Harry Potter Page to Screen.

This book is a follow-up to Harry Potter: Film Wizardry and provides an in-depth look at the entire filmmaking process from Sorcerer's Stone through Deathly Hallows - Part 2.

It includes behind-the-scenes anecdotes, brand-new interviews with cast and crew, as well as hundreds of never-before-seen photos and concept art.

The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released October 25.
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