Harry Potter Death Eater Wand Belt & Holster


As my Death Eater costume build is rapidly progressing, I decided its time to begin the wand belt and holster. Here are some pics. Its not finished yet, but I think its looking pretty snazzy. I found the belt tips on eBay and the rings came from a local tack shop.





That looks great, nice find on the strap ends. I think I'm going to go with the simpler, less hardware version for now, I just don't have any time to source the parts!

And I love your avatar, it looks incredible!
Thanks! My avatar was made with an iPhone app using the mask I bought from you! :) the belt tips are on eBay. Item #230638333224 Just $4.99 for 6!!
Do you have a tutorial put together for this?

Unfortunately no. :( One of my friends who is a leatherworker put it together for me using reference pictures. The holster is actually really awesome. It fits the wand perfectly and is lined with suede to keep the wand scratch-free. The belt and outside of the holster is made with genuine cowhide leather. I spoke with him today and he said he would make them for $100. So I guess if anyone wants one just let me know.
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