Harry Potter cosplay groups in the UK


Are there any? I'm looking for one to attend charity events, cons, birthday/corporate events, youtube fun films (lol) anything really. Gave a nice lecture to a class full of eager young aspiring witches and wizards who became short of breath when we demonstrated wand choreography against a rouge deatheater in their class.

Costume is mainly finished with tweaks here and there and thats just different coloured blazers, cords etc. For boots I use my old American Civil War brogans which go with the look greatly just walking on cobbles after rain is like sheet ice :lol

I posted up a wand in the junkyard for trade for one I can actually use. Pocket watch and double albert were finished thats been the hardest part so far. Waist coat was easy to make and the shirt was made also from similar material as seen on character stands.

So, without further gilding the lily I bring you me myself and I in my new attire (And old CW belt..ignore that lol) Any groups, let me know it's hard getting bookings when your the only one left! - consider this my application. :angel :love <----oopa!

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