Harry Potter - Butterbeer Logo Mirror - HELP!


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One for all you font nerds! The only place in the Harry Potter movies that the official logo for Butterbeer logo appears is in the Three Broomsticks in "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". I know someone who makes these type of etched mirror signs and I want to recreate this sign for the bar in my basement. Is there anyone here who would be able to re-create the logo in perhaps a vector format or something?




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Did you happen to find out the answer? After looking, the typeface I found that most closely resembles it is "OCopperplate Plain" from Optifonts. I believe it's available for free on the internet.

I went ahead and created a version from the pics you posted. Let me know what you think!



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That sign most likely was created in a "pro" sign makers software. I used the Gerber Graphix Advantage package to produce all of the artwork for normal signage and for political signs for many years.

To create the look of the center two lines, I would have the wireframe font to begin with. Then there is an outline at .1 or .15. Once the outline is done, it is selected and a drop shadow is created from there. The drop looks to be identical in both dimensions, i.e. -.5 to get a shadow that drops down and forward by the same amount, one half inch. If you need help with this, please PM me, and I will see what I can do for you in Corel Draw...
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