Harry potter blu and ultimate question


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Who has best price on the last harry blu this coming week and
is there an ultimate for all harry movies on blu is there a set and are they worth it? Thanks in advance
I heard the full collection won't be out until 2012 or 2013. I'll wait. I'm not going to be fooled again with collections.
they are releasing the complete collection years 1-7 on blu-ray on 11-11-11.

those are only the barebones disks for the movies without any bonus features. Warner said that they were going to release some sort of fancy ultimate collection of all 7 films (and most likely the last few individual ultimate sets) sometime in 2012
There are eight movies. Are they saying the last two were one movie now? Why'd I have to buy two tickets then?

YEARS 1-7, not movies 1-7.

And yes, I'd wait for the super duper ultimate extended boxed set version 1. And then two years from now an uber super edition will be released......
Gah that means I have buy a blue ray this week and then the box set later next next year too. There's no way I can wait to see the last film again until then.
Just buy the new one now, with the bonus Harry Potter Album replica.. Like I said in another topic recently, in Australia, we only have the first two in the Ultimate Collection version.. No clue when we are getting the rest, not to mention the new one..
I'm a sucker for marketing and ool packaging, so yeah - I've bought into all the available Ultimate editions... I like them.
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