Harold and Kumar Xmas


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OK, I saw this movie last night and if you liked the other two you will like this one as well. As expected, Neil Patrick Harris was awesome but nearly his whole bit is in the trailer for the movie. The 3D was over the top in places just for the sake of being over the top, which wasn't a surprise and was amusing.

Im not going to do anything "Spoilerish" but Danny Trejo was also very good in this movie. He plays the badass role so well.

I was surprised though as I was expecting a scene with in your face 3D boobs and it wasn't there. There was nudity, just not the bouncing 3D, reach out and touch them type you'd think was a given. A couple of male members did that part though...

I didn't feel robbed walking out of the theater but I did wish there was more NPH because as usual, he stole the movie during the part he was there.


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Me too. When I saw him onscreen I actually thought "I bet I see one of those on the RPF before Christmas is here."


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Flagg gets it right. If you liked the franchise, you'll like the movie. And I would definitely go in on a run of wafflebots! :thumbsup


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oh yea
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