Harlwy Quinn Bat & Hammer (mostly Hammer) WIP

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    So I'm currently building a Harley Quinn Bat (from Arkham Knight) and Hammer for my girlfriend's cosplay, our deadline is in late september so I'm not too rushed. Having said that I started working on them both as soon as I could, because I'm paranoid.

    The bat is too easy, paint it white, then use paint tape for painting the red lines.
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    This is the bat after it's first really ****ty coat. The paint takes a long time to dry, but when it does I'll just sand down the drips and add more paint, I'll paint where the rope is afterwards. Then I add the swirls using the paint tape.

    Now the hammer is a lot more difficult and will take a lot more time.
    I started with this ****ty design as a rough Idea.
    Shitty deosgn for hammer.jpg
    This would be on the end of the mallet on either side

    So I bought some buckets
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    And sawed off the ribbed/handle part (the tape is a guide for me to file to) and I started filing to make the edge smoother
    View attachment 495291

    Then I attached the two buckets together with the wide ends pointing outwards for a more comical look.

    After I bolted the buckets on the inside and removed the tape. ( I added More bolts after the photo)

    I'm not to sure how to insert the handle yet, but the handle will probably be taken from an old broom and then painted in a process similar to how I'm doing the bat.
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    I added the red Stripes to the bat, there ware some places where the painters tape didn't do it's job, but everything is fixable.
    I also painted half the mallet to see what the red would turn out like.
    Turns out it too dark, so I bought brighter Red, I'm gonna work more on the hammer tomorrow.

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