Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad for my daughter (and the Joker but not from SQ)


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After a long hiatus, I'm back.
Halloween's around the corner and we just watched Suicide Squad. My daughter loved it and wants to be HQ for halloween, and I'll be the Joker (Not the one from Suicide Squad). She's been calling me "Mista J" ever since.

Anyhow, here it is so far:

I bought a black aluminum bat from the thrift store for about $3 and sanded it down, leaving some black.

I did some streaks on the bat with brown puffy paint, just some wood grain streaks. Then I airbrushed the bat with a light brown I mixed up. Then sanded it down a little to reveal the dark brown streaks, then hit it with some dark brown with the airbrush and VOILA, wooden bat.


Then I hand drew the GOOD NIGHT and various nonsense on the back of the bat. I used some of what's on the actual bat and some other nonsense for the handwriting.
The checkered pattern I drew on with sharpie then used whiteout tape for the white.
Then I hit the whole thing with a clear coat.

I built the Puddin Choker from foam and made a spike bracelet from foam too, I'll share some pics of that later.

Also, the shirt. I bought a plain white long sleeve from the thrift store for $2, cut the sleeves to 3/4 length and airbrushed the red and blue details. I found a "Daddy's Lil Monster" Iron-On on Etsy for $6, it hasn't arrived yet.


More updates to come soon.


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All right, so here's the choker. Freehanded it onto some foam and cut it out, then painted it with some Martha Stewart Metallic Gold Acrylic, then a clear coat.

Then I glued it to a pink strap... I don't have white leather lyin around... Did I mention this is all on a budget? As with most of my builds. And I made some foam spikes for a bracelet.


And here's my Joker gun I'll be wielding... Some random toy gun that I repainted, and I made the "BANG!" flag.


More to come soon.