Harley Quinn: Arkham City outfit - Help!


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Hey guys!
It's obvious I just joined this website for help! :p
So, I've been working on a replica of Harley Quinn's outfit from Arkham City specifically! I've been following the graphic novels and series since I was a little baby and as I got older I moved into the games; Arkham City and Asylum. Since Harley was always my favourite FEMALE from the games and probably one of my favourite female villains ever I thought I should pay a tribute to her. ;]
Now, as of date everything has been doing okay on planning wise, I've come up for a reasonable way to make the corset, pants, gloves and everything else.
Now, I've been having SERIOUS problems on making the boots..
I am making it out of leather but I'm not sure how I will be able to make the boots extremely thick and Harley Quinn like. /:

If anyone has any sort of method to make the boots then PLEASE respond!:)

Thank you! :*
If it was me, I would buy a pair of black thigh-high boots and a pair of red thigh high boots then modify the hell out of them. (both pairs, then sell the other set of red+black!)

Peachykiki made a great set of bootcovers (I think they were anyway) so you should shoot her a PM :]
I made this costume out of pleather. But I was still for the most part unable to sew the material on a sewing machine, as it chewed up the material. So it was hand sewing for me. Since I used pleather, there seemed no way to keep the boots from still having "wrinkles". I lined the inside with a stiff felt material to get the shape. I really just couldn't get that smooth, thick look without using leather. But to work with leather they'd just be too big and lose the shape. I used a ballet flat type sneaker as the base. They zip all the way up the back. I actually started my costume before the game came out or any in-game pics were released, so my referemce was a magazine cover and a concept art pic (in these pics the red was bright red, not the maroon-ish red she was later revealed to wear in the game, but it was too late to turn back lol), I couldn't tell what type of heels she had. So I'm revamping my costume for this year and am actually in the process of adding wedge heels to the boots. Literally cutting the sandals off a pair of wedges and attaching them to the bottom of the boots.... somehow. This was my first shot at making boots. It sure was a project! There's some pics of the costume on my thread "Arkham City Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy". Hope any of this helps! :)
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