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Hey all; question for you!

I'm making a hammer for my girlfriend, she's planning to do a Harley Quinn. I've purchased a solid block of styrofoam for the hammer-head, that's the perfect size and shape, and a wooden pole that is also a great length. I was wondering if you'd have any ideas whatsoever on how to attach the two permanently in a stable way? I have a few ideas myself, but before committing to anything and potentially destroying the investment in foam I made, I was hoping some of the geniuses here would have any ideas.

Thanks in advance!
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I'd say bore a hole through the foam block that fits the pole. Then use rigid expanding urethane foam as an adhesive. That stuff sticks to everything! Once it solidifies, simply carve and sand away any foam squeeze-out.
I've used good old fashioned hot glue to attach things to styrofoam with great success. However; If you dont want to take a chance
of messing it up then Id recommend a 2-part epoxy.You can find them at Wally World. Mixed properly and allowed to full cure it wont go ANYWHERE.

The foam would tear before the epoxy would.
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