Hardeners.... (Resin, FGR, anything else, ect...)

Darth Yega

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So, all the help I'm getting on these forums are great. They are helping like no other, so I would like to say thank you guys so much for all the advise :)

I'm looking for an easy hardener for my EVA foam build (A Star Wars build). Most people use resin. I'm looking for something possibly easier. My friend has told me that he is thinking about using a spray on clear Acrylic to harden his (The theory is that it will partly soak into the foam). I want the hardener to be duel worthy, as I like to beat Jedi up with my LED saber. So, this is an area I have no experience in. I need all the help I can get. Preferably, something affordable. A spray on something would be nice, so that I wouldn't have to sand anything down.

Suggestions as to what I should use?


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most people like foam cause you don't need hardeners. If I want stiffness, I just buy 1/2 think foam. I use two layers if I want it really stiff.

I haven't seen much here will people hardening foam. It doesn't seen nessacary for most of the IM builds on here people use foam for.

What are you making exactly?


well the soaking of the foam would depend on the Compression"thinkness" of the foam I would think..

and if u reeeaallly want to stregnthen it many ppl here have tried with 2 part epoxy , for example elbow joints ...

I tried epozy resin and some left over fibre glass on a scrap foam piece and it worked kinda good . but it wasent smooth ofcourse so that means more job since u would have to use some bondo or something.. and that way u should just pep it in paper anyways :p


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I just read it from some of the thread here that they tried to use, what they call as, "STYRO SPRAY"... dunno what it is exactly and havent tried it yet but you may try to google it (just a heads-up:))...

Good luck with your build (y)thumbsup

Darth Yega

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To Reply to all of you:

I'm using 1/2 thick foam. What am I making exactly you ask? Well, I can't tell you exactly for two reasons. Number one, there is no name for it. It's a fairly new style of armor, and it is base out of the SWTOR game. And, I wan't to be the first to build it XD It's a REALLY RAD looking set of armor. Ill say that it is Sith.

I'll look up two part epoxy ;)

Just looked up that STYRO SPRAY, I'm going to look deeper into it. It looks pretty legit! Thanks bro! ;)
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