Hard Times, Daddy! RIP "The Amercian Dream" Dusty Rhodes

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    For those that watched wrestling in the 80s, and for part of the 90s, you may remember Virgil Runnels, aka Dusty Rhodes. One of the industries greatest talents, he was also one of the smartest promoters. He could cut a promo like no one else, and was (despite his size) a very agile wrestler. Also, he set Ric Flair on the path to becoming who he was.

    RIP, Dream.

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    You have to be a certain age to remember, but I'll never forget his promos with Gordon Soley in the South Georgia North Florida Wrestling Alliance. He'd always open with "LEMME TELL YA THUMP'N, GORDON THOLEY!!"

    RIP, Dusty

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