Harbor Freight pressure pots on sale!

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by blufive, Jul 9, 2006.

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    I don't think this is valid in the Harbor Freight stores unless the sale started today. I was there Saturday and the pressure pot was still at full retail, which was $79.99.

    The proper pressure pot is currently $39.99 plus shipping. What a steal.

    Just scroll down the page a little and look for this one:

    Central Pneumatic


    Happy casting. :)
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    Print out the Internet page and take a copy with you to the store and they will price match it...

    Yeah it's kind of stupid that they have to price match themselves but it was explained to me that the Internet site is a seperate entity from the retail stores...

    I have done this on several different occations without any hassle, even after your purchase for like 10 days or something...
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    I am on a couple of different casting groups on Yahoo. The bolts on the Harbor Freight pressure pot are prone to failure. If you buy their pressure pot, PLEASE replace the bolts. One person on the list had the lid blow right through a wall when the bolts failed, and that was NOT an isolated incident.

    Again, if you buy their pressure pot, PLEASE REPLACE THE BOLTS.

    ~ GM
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    That's good information. Thanks for the heads up.
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    I'm new to casting - how is the pressure pot used in casting? I'm assuming you put the mold and resin in the pot and pressurize it?

    Any details?

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    The pressure pot serves two purposes...

    First you can use it with a vacuum pump to de-gas silicone or resin prior to molding or casting, under vacuum the air bubbles get very large and surface much more quickly... The substance silicone or resin also gets very fluffy and expands making it easier for the air to escape...

    Second when you then cast under 60psi any left over little bubbles are squished to nothing and you get bubble free castings... This is very desirable with clear castings...
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    Would these bolts be the ones in shear for each clamp where they attaché to the body? What are you replacing them with? (i.e. grade, material.)

  9. exoray

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    I would say for the few dollar it takes to go with Grade 8 bolts, but Grade 5 should be plenty good as well...

    I'm curious what kind of pressure they are using to blow the top off as a generic rule of thumb most items like this can hold twice the rated pressure before failer... And since you only need about 60PSI to pressure cast and the pot is rated that high it really shouldn't fail... Yeah I know that HF tools are not the best quality but *... I guess better safe then sorry...
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    I have six of these pots in my shop. They are (like all the common 2.5 pots) made and rated for up to 80psi. Most resin work does not require but about 65psi.

    You should not have a problem with the hinge bolts if you adhere to the spec pressure rating or less.

    I'm not saying that there has never been a problem with anyone else... but I have had these pots in use daily for years and never had a problem.

    Keys to sucess with them:

    Make sure all your fittings are sealed with teflon tape and secured well.
    Make sure you have a properly adjusted saftey pressure valve on the pot.
    Make sure to adhere to the specs for pressure rating.

    If your pressure valve is working properly it should "pop" before you reach 75psi thus preventing any possible issues with the tank performance.


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