Happy birthday Pac-Man

Wes R

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35 years ago today arcade games became the giant they were until the mid 90s thanks to a yellow hockeypuck and some blinking ghosts. Surprisnly Amazon even had this as a billboard on their site today, i remember it in the arcades even well into the mid 80s. My fiance, who is way younger than the game, scored a sit down arcade machine she adores while i'm stuck with an unopened atari copy lol. If not for this game we probably wouldn't have the games we do now.


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I'd have paid to see Mayweather go up against pac-man, being chased around by a giant yellow disc going "wakka wakka" lol.
by this guy?


Wes R

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lol pretty much the same sound file actually. Not entirely sure why they used a sound so close to that though.


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Had Pizza for chow tonight!

You know they did something right with this classic as millions still love to play it to this day :cheers
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