Happy 80th birthday to John Williams

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Probe Droid, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Probe Droid

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    What would so many of the things we hold dear be without his music? Would SW, Indy, Jaws, etc., etc., etc., be as good with different scores? It's a hell of a question.

    Happy birthday, sir.
  2. Hedjii72

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  3. Apollo

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    Plenty of TV shows carry his thems as well!

    :cheers to the Maestro!
  4. jedichase

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    Happy Birthday Maestro Williams. Thanks for the unforgettable themes. I think just about anybody can recognize a Spielberg or Lucas movie by humming one of Williams themes.
  5. SciFiMuseum

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    Happy 80th Birthday to John Williams. Thank you for adding art and beauty through sound to this world!
  6. robn1

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    Happy Birthday Maestro, and many thanks for all the great scores!
  7. micdavis

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    Just another George Lucas yes man.

    (see that is what it's like to have something you enjoy slammed at every turn)

    On a serious note.

    He is the master, from Lost In Space to Star Wars to Harry Potter.

    Really the soundtrack to my life.

    Thanks Mr. Williams.
  8. PotionMistress

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    This is one amazing man! A million thanks for your talent! Happy Birthday and many more!
  9. Mr_Creepy

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  10. Wes R

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    He made the national nightly news today in a happy birthday segment, short mind you, and he still composes daily using pencil and paper. Apparently he doesn't own a computer.

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