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Happy 30th Indiana Jones!!!

30 years ago the best adventure movie was released. This film made the fedora fashionable, the bullwhip iconic, and Harrison Ford a superstar.
Thanks to all that made these films possible.
Happy 30th Anniversary to what I consider to be the greatest film of all time, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK!

So very hard to believe that 30 years ago I was in the opening weekend audience to a film that would open my eyes and change my world. Many thanks to those who created such an iconic piece of Americana which touched the lives of so many and in so many different ways, both large and small.




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It was the first and only time I have ever heard someone ELSE in the audience turn to his wife and say "I have to go buy the soundtrack".
30 years?! Good God, has it been that long? Wow. I saw this film when I was in third or fourth grade:lol. I was so happy to see Han Solo again. One of my top favorite films.
Happy 30th, Raiders!
I saw it in the theater when it first came out and loved every second. I got my grandparents to take me a second time, and during all the most exciting/scary parts, my Grandma kept saying, "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!"
I thought she might faint when Toht's face melted. :lol

A few years later, when VCRs first started getting more affordable, my grandparents got us one for Christmas. My uncle got us the VHS tape of Raiders to go with it, and my brother and I practically wore that tape out.
Re: Happy 30th Indiana Jones!!!

And I just complete my screen accurate costume. Todd's Costume Fedora arrived yesterday!

Thanks Steven and George for the greatest movie hero of all time.
I guess there is no official recognition?

Oh well. I always liked that 10th anniversary poster.

Here is something I found looking for a 30th.......
Deviantart member Raats work.

Sad Lucasfilm did not do anything for the anniversary, such as a theatrical release. Raiders and Temple are the only two Indys I haven't seen on the big screen.
Re: Happy 30th Indiana Jones!!!

It's not the years, it's the mileage.


I was supposed to watch it yesterday as part of some 30th anniversary facebook group but I fell asleep watching archeology shows after doing some work from home. Then my husband got home and we ended up going swimming and to the grocery store lol so I fail. I'll be watching it tonight instead.

I'm a few years too young to have seen it in the theatres , but I watched it on VHS a lot. I don't remember the very first time I watched Raiders though, I just remember that I used to run around in my yard after watching it, with a leather vest with fringe, a blue and orange whip from Busch Gardens, and a horrible chain store fedora and pretend I was Indiana Jones (or sometimes his daughter, depended on the day lol) I had one thing Indy never had though, a faster than Nazi's go-kart lol

I got engaged to my husband while he was wearing Indy and I was wearing Crystal Skull Marion at Disney's Not So Scary Halloween. Just recently wore Raiders Marion and Indy with the hubby at a 1930s Theatre Re-Opening. Even though I do a lot of Star Wars stuff, Indy was my first love and will always be where my heart is (and most of my prop money. lol) And Harrison Ford will always be Indy to me first, not Han Solo lol
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