Hannibal: Will Graham's Eyeglasses


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Has anyone yet been inclined to ID the glasses worn by Will Graham in NBC's Hannibal? I just got a new prescription and kind of like them. I just have no idea how to figure out what they are.



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I'm looking for that eyeglass too, but i don't find it anywhere! Please, if you know the model, send to my email (luizfelipenoe@hotmail.com).
Ps. sorry about my english, i speak portuguese!


Okay I could be totally off; but I'm under the impression these might be calvin klein or lafont. While not identical; Lafont has a selection of eyewears that appears similar in the way they are constructed (ex: Jupiter; Reedition, Erasme). Again I could be totally off here; I'm not very good at ID eyewear but I thought I'd give it a try.


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Oh shoot; unfortunatly the company is no more; thank you for the info though I appreciate! :)
No problem man. Try checking eBay for frames from the brand: You can get really close to Will's pair and everything is pretty cheap seeing as it's liquidated stock. Good luck! I'm glad to see others interested in doing a screen accurate Will Graham.