Handmade Spider-Gwen Costume


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My wife loves the new Spider-Gwen costume, so I decided I'd make her one for WonderCon! I'm not into the printed pattern suits, which worked out since she didn't want to go full spandex body suit, so we went for a handmade style. I did a handmade Spider-Man, from two different (solid color) spandex bodysuits and puffy paint last year, so I decided to take a similar approach on Spider-Gwen.

I feel that Spider-Gwen's costume design is not a hyper sexualized design (like Spider-Woman has been), so a good fitting hoodie and yoga pants were the base materials.

I bought a second pair of the pants, so the material would be consistent, and chalked out the pattern we wanted.
IMG_20150308_181426.jpg IMG_20150311_114107.jpg

After cutting out pattern, I folded the edges and used fabric tape to place the pattern exactly where I wanted it.
IMG_20150310_193356.jpg 2015-03-19.jpg

The type of fabric tape is VERY important. I had only used one roll on my last costume, and ran out about halfway through this one. I picked up some no-sew required from Walgreens and it was terrible. 70% of the stitches would skip due to the thickness of the tape, and the stickiness of the tape glue. Only use the good stuff! This one is a very lightweight fabric with a striped glue pattern instead of full coverage (like most tape). The sewing machine goes through it beautifully.

Currently the black is finished.
IMG_20150317_213939.jpg IMG_20150317_214036.jpg

I'm working on the purple-ish side/arm/hood sections now. We will puffy paint the teal lines onto the purple after they are sewn on.

The shoes are just store bought Sketchers, and the gloves are something we received from her mom (she has a box of soft cotton gloves). We purchased a blonde wig for one variation, and will be making a mask for the full costume. I'll add more pics and updates as they we continue.

List of materials used:

  • Skechers GoWalk shoes
  • White hoodie
  • Black yoga pants: one fit, one larger for fabric
  • Purple-ish cotton spandex
  • Puffy paint (matched to shoes)
  • White Gloves

  • Thick Floral Wire
  • Spider-Man face mask
  • White SecondSkin mask
  • Modeler's Mesh
  • White spandex
  • Wig
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Purple airbrushing


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I added the first set of purple strips to the side. There is no standard on the costume design, so we had to decide on the style ourselves.

I also added the lining to the hood.

The arm color is cut and ready to be added. Then I will start adding the paint lines.


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I finished sewing the purple stripes

Next I added puffy paint to the lower stripe
20150321_155358.jpg 20150321_155931.jpg 20150321_155954.jpg

The paint is currently drying on the arm strip (required two passes since it wraps around)
20150321_184943.jpg 20150321_184948.jpg 20150321_203826.jpg

Tomorrow I hope to fully paint the hood, and be done with all he body!

I still have a few weeks to work on the mask, but I'll be starting on it this week.


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The arms were finished yesterday.
20150322_115038.jpg 20150322_115144.jpg

Today I started on the hood paint by chalking out the pattern on both sides, then drawing on the lines on the first side
20150322_124416.jpg 20150322_134034.jpg

After the second side was dry, it was time to see how the pattern looked in 3d
20150322_153114.jpg 20150322_212442.jpg

I added the wire to the drawstring channel, and here's the finished top!

Tomorrow she'll try on the whole costume without the mask. I may take a few days to rest, then move onto the mask.


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awesome build buddy! Looking to build something similar for my wife :)

Thanks! I slightly underestimated the time involved fitting the spandex pieces to the hoodie, and using the wrong tape set me back 3-4 hours as well!

The hardest part was coming up with exact designs for the back and the web lines, since no two pictures of Spider-Gwen are the same (or even close for that matter)


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This is so awesome. It's nice to see a spider-universe costume that isn't a dye-sub print. I've always wondered if the dye-sub prints wear off after time and stretching. Really excellent costume!!!


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This is so awesome. It's nice to see a spider-universe costume that isn't a dye-sub print. I've always wondered if the dye-sub prints wear off after time and stretching. Really excellent costume!!!

Thanks! I don't really mind dye sub, but there are several things I don't like. Muscle shading is the main one, but they all suffer from losing color when stretched, since the white underneath shows through.

I also like the handmade look, because Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey wouldn't go to a dye sub shop to order new costumes!

Here's a link to a post I wrote last year on making my costume, with some pics.


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This turned out really well! I love the idea of doing something based on "regular" clothes instead of spandex. Great job!
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