Hand-Schaub Ep.III clone


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I origianally showed my newest sculpt on this thread:
I had a few people wonder how I made stuff and I thought this was a neat one to share. I tend to be set in my ways of sculpting as a traditional artist but in the end it is all for fun anyways. In other words - this may not be the absolute best way to do somehting... it was just my way - and I think it's kind of cool.

So here are a few pictures of the clay sculpt in progress...
I then made a cheap plaster mold and cast fiberglass into it (not recomended... fiberglass sticks to plaster) With four seperate pieces, I glued, puttied etc until I had a single helmet. (I made a front, back, top and 'snout' mold)
Afte finihsing it up I painted it, put in a visor, stripes and padding so I could wear it. Well, I figured it wasn't right so I started sanding and resculpting the fiberglass. I kind of like the "paint scheme" that arose. But again, it is just layers of putty and paint...seen here is not the final sculpt but getting close.
Finally I molded up the helmet you see in the picture below and I finally have a few extras (two pictures down

Unfortunately I get a dimple in the dome everytime which requires a bit of bondo to fill. Filling the dent takes five minutes but in the end I took so long on this and spent so much money that it bugs just a little.

The greeblies were machined from metal and came out really nice.
Here is a final shot of a moderately cleaned up helmet and the greeblies.


Anyway, hope you like the process. I think the helmet is a great blend between available helmets. It has a real world look while being larger than an MR but smaller than other helmets I have inspected.



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Hey Brian...looking GREAT....

I´m still waiting to begin a custom helmet project myself.
Yours is a motivation ;)



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Nice bucket.

Can't wait to see some different paint schemes on them.

Good to have a wearable alternative.