Hand made props advice


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I have recently just finished building a Big Baby from hell boy.
Quite a large gun.
But Im now working on a Samaritan gun and need some advice.
What is the overall length, width and height.
I can scale up everything else, just need some dimensions to start with.

This is the Big Baby build and finished
I have built several props for my daughter who loves comicon, this one I built for me.



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Started the Samaritan gun this week.
Still not sure about dimensions, so have had a best guess.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Nice start to your prop building there.
I'm afraid I don't have any dimensions for the Hellboy Samaritan gun, but I do very much like the two films and am hoping Guillermo gets to make it a nice complete trilogy.

Good luck finishing off the Samaritan, I'm sure it will be a nice addition to your collection.


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Hey valkie. I have an inkscape file for the blueprints for the good samaritan that will give you all the dimensions for the gun. Let me know an email address you'd like it sent to, and I'll get it sent over.

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valkie - First, very nice build you have going there. Second I would recommend you title your threads to be more specific to what you are looking for. Instead of "handmade prop advice" which could be anything instead make it "Samaritan Gun Dimensions". I think you'll get a better response.


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Thanks guys
I was unhappy with the grip and had to remake the grip, but as you see, the grip is integral to the whole rear end.
Had to grind away the existing grip and make a new grip to suit.
I am a lot happier with the new grip.

The gun has now been given the first coat and the second, waiting for it to dry.
Will take a few pictures tomorrow.


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Finished the gun.
I think it looks reasonable, but I would have liked some things better.
Cant complain about the cost though, $20.00 for spray paint and some left over bits of wood and a few screws.
Better luck next build.



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JUst started another build.
A Sky-Hook from bioshock.
Bit of a difficult one, but already well on my way.