Han Solo was full of Crap. 12 Parsecs related

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Trooper_trent, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Trooper_trent

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    So the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, right?
    She will also "make it .5 past light speed" which I understand to be (1.5 light years per year)

    A parsec is roughly 3.25 light years in distance.

    Which means if Han was at full speed the whole time he would make a parsec in roughly 2.17 years.

    x 12 (or slightly less than)

    is 26 years that he spent doing a run at full speed the whole time!

    Now push your nerd glasses up off your nose and tell me why I'm wrong.:lol
  2. CessnaDriver

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    He was BS'ing the farm boys with magical space terminology is how I saw it.
  3. DL 44 Blaster

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    I always related it to a car doing the quarter mile in less than 12 seconds which is very fast for a driveable vehicle. Don't know if that's what George meant, but it was a way to relate it to something tangible.
  4. aeonpulse

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    I feel like we've already discussed this before. But yeah, I agree with Cessna. Not only was Han talking out of his *, he was ignorant to the fact that a parsec is a measurement of distance, not time.
  5. Kerr Avon

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    "Isn't a parsec a unit of distance?" - Family Guy
  6. CessnaDriver

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    Ben gives him a look at that point that said to me Ben knew it was silliness.
  7. Master Dahark

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    Han Solo not being completely honest during a business transaction?? NONSENSE ;)

    One thing I'd like to add- forgive me if this isn't accurate, but it's just something I remember one of my 'Star Wars Nerd' friends way back in High School saying. Something along the lines of 'the Kessel Run was full of black holes, and to do whatever Han did in the impossible time he was boasting about, he drifted the Falcon close to the black holes in order to 'cheat space/time'

    Take that however you want it; it's just something from High School I remember :D
  8. ave4uevoli

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    He was full of it... or you're just wrong by assuming that .5 past light speed means 1.5.

    In fact, we really don't know what units of measurements the .5 references. It could be a whole new system created just for the star wars universe. Perhaps, to bring in Trek stuff here, where warp 1 is light speed and warp 10 is the theoretical speed limit, ".5" is actually the equivalent of Warp 5 or something.
  9. Yodajammies

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    .... equivalent to Warp 5 -

  10. terryr

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    He was just checking them out to see how ignorant they were, thus he could charge them more. But Ben just pretended to believe, and gave him that look, [wow you're kewl ], so Han knew he was very knowledgeable.

    And Lucas screwed up the slang.
  11. Michael Bergeron

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    Fixed that for ya. ;)
  12. 0neiros

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  13. d_jedi1

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    I always assumed that his quip about .5 past light-speed was in reference to his "sublight" engines and that he was full of it and Obi-Wan knew it about the 12 parsecs.
    But then, what do I know?
  14. rodneyfaile

    rodneyfaile Sr Member

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    Or could it be poor writing?
  15. GoGators

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    When you are Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Some wierd guy in cowbooys and aliens, and so on... You get away with whatever you want :p
  16. CB2001

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    I believe that was the case. Harrison Ford himself stated in one of the original making-of for Star Wars that he compared the jump to hyperspace to the drag-racing from American Graffiti. But, it could be possible that Han was refering more to the technological advancement of navigation systems that allowed him to make the run in a shorter distance than it does in relation to speed.
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  17. Jedifyfe

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    Here is the real answer...

    IT'S A MOVIE!!!!
  18. JMChladek

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    Well, in Han's defense he was kind of distracted. He had a price on his head and knew Greedo was likely going to come in at any minute and shoot next to his head again like some dumb trick shot gunslinger to try and scare him. ;)
  19. Wolfie138

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    i doubt Han was BSing, he was proud and boastful of his ship and accomplishments in all films. the wording is simply lucas' ignorance.
  20. cayman shen

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    BINGO! :lol
  21. Timmythekid

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    Nah, Guiness's reaction says it all right there - Han was BS'ing and Kenobi knew it. After reading Kenobi's reaction Han immediately pushes on to something unrelated to sell his services, so he knows Kenobi's not buying that crap.
  22. Trooper_trent

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    Wait WHAT?
  23. Qui-Gonzalez

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    Brad, you sucked! You've spoiled it for me!!!
  24. Clutch

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    Ben also knew Chewbacca's name was pronounced chew-backa, not chew-bokka. :)
  25. darth_myeek

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    This thread was so 12 Parsecs ago.
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  26. Betamin

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    Han lied first!!
  27. rodneyfaile

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    12 parsecs ago, in a galaxy 12 parsecs away...
  28. Nexus6

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    LOL & /thread.
  29. SSgt Burton

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    Of course it could just be that parsecs are a measurement of "time" in the Star Wars universe.

    Because, you know... they're not human beings from the Milky Way. ;)

  30. JMChladek

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    So would that be like the 20,000 leagues SNL skit?
  31. ultron

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    One thing being ignored here is relativity, both special and probably general with the Maw being present. I'll talk about special relativity.

    We don't know how fast Han was going when he actually did the run, and since objects with real (not imaginary in the complex sense) mass aren't allowed to go faster than c, let's use relativity under the assumption that he did the run going nearly c and that he chose a shorter path using advanced navigation and piloting.

    11.5 parsecs is 37.375 light years. To an outside observer it will take Han at least 37.375 years to make the trip if he's going c or slower. However, in Han's frame, with velocity taken to be 0.999999999c, it only appears to take 0.000000002 years, or 0.063 seconds. So to Han the trip was quite short, which explains why he is still young and didn't get bored by the end of the trip. Let's ignore the fact that he was able to pilot a ship through an asteroid field for millions of kilometers in 0.063 seconds (or less if he was going faster!) and just chalk it up to his ship's computer.

    This ignores many things in the movie, like the fact that people are able to go extremely fast across galaxies without everyone else rapidly aging from the pilot's reference frame, but that's the trouble with reality. Space is huge, and even if you can go light speed your girlfriend back home will long be dead by the time you get to where you're going, let alone when you get back.

    So the answer is what everyone else said: it's a movie. We know there must be some sort of relativity in the movie or else they wouldn't care about referencing lightspeed. We know it's not our relativity because nobody ages differentially across the cosmos.

    If Lucas has simply used a measure of time this could all have been avoided because we have no way of knowing how long the trip ought to take just from the movie. But he didn't.
  32. aeonpulse

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    hahahahah, i forgot about that!

  33. Lost21stJedi

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    Just another example of Han shooting (his mouth off) first
  34. MisterScrub

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    My understanding of this was that the Kessel area had black holes that forced normal traffic to take a wide berth. Han was bragging that his ship was soooo fast, he could risk getting much closer to the event horizon and still be able to pull free. That would allow him to cover less distance (fewer parces than was normally safe).
  35. CessnaDriver

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    He actually said "parsex".

    Hence the funny look from Ben.
  36. JMChladek

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    I admit, if I were drinking something, my keyboard would be covered right now from spraying it out of my nose.

  37. Jodo

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    I used to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

    Then I took an arrow to the knee.
  38. JD

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    I hope they fix that in the next release of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. C'mon... 12 parsecs, in that piece of junk?

    I'm also hoping they fix that glaring error in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back when Han shot first. I'm sure they can add a blaster into Vader's hand and a couple of blaster shots at a nano-second before Han shoots. That continuity issue has bugged from the first time I saw ESB - Han wouldn't shoot poor Greedo unprovoked, so there's no way he'd shoot at his buddy and his future wife's Dad.
  39. Colin Droidmilk

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    I agree with this. And Kenobi's look is one of doubt at Han's boast.
  40. xmr1

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    George Lucas? Bad writing?
  41. Noeland

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    This was always my assumption. Mind you, when I was a kid I thought "parsecs" was just made up mumbo jumbo for the movie.

  42. clancampbell

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