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Hey all,

So I have been really inspired by Crazylegmurphy's thread on the Han Solo holster. It has made me really dissatisfied with my ANH vest.

While doing some research, I have come across a few interesting details that I don't think have been addressed. In addition, the in depth thread on the Rebel Legion forum has a bunch of dead images.

My goal with this thread is to:

1 - Make myself a more satisfying vest
2 - Address the possibility of newly discovered details
3 - Make a sewing pattern available for free use and alteration

I'm going to need some help on this. I am currently working on the pattern to fit me, but if it is going to be available for everyone we will need different sizes. If anyone is has knowledge on enlarging patterns please use whatever I post!

But first - the details...

I am going to address this a couple different chunks. General proportions, seams, pockets, etc.

One thing I have noticed from these pre production photos is the seam on the sleeve. It appears to me to have a large seam allowance and perhaps even multiple seams.

hanHero1-2 copy 2.jpg

Also, in this photo - that darn bottom left pocket. It looks to my eyes as if the top of the pocket has a few rows of stitching maybe 1/4 inch or less apart

hanHero1-2 copy 3.jpg

In this photo also seems to show that ALL the pocket flaps are top stitched down

hanHero1-2 copy 2.jpg

What interests me is the two pockets on that left side. The bottom with its mysterious flap seems to be pretty open here. I am wondering if the extra flap is supposed to be a pull tab of sorts to open the pocket up from being tucked into the flap with its 3 stitched sides.

hanHero2-2 copy.jpg

Then the top pocket in these photos seem to look like that left side of the pocket may not be attached, or the billow is VERY large.

hanHero1-2 copy 2.jpghan595.jpg

The curved pocket - This pockets shape seems very specific and is really easy to make it look a bit wonky and off. To my eyes, it almost appears to be made like a hands warmer pocket such as this - http://media.qcsupply.com/catalog/p...78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/7/8/78622_1.jpg The only clean shot of it I can really find is this well known one

tumblr_lsiep7k1uA1qmnqf0o1_1280 copy.jpg

It looks to me like it is modeled off of that type of pocket with a billow.

That's it for tonight. I will keep the ball rolling if there is interest and please please please contribute!
If this research is going as deep as Crazylegmurphy's holster then this should become a very interesting read to follow too :)

Thanks guys. I hope this generates a lot of interest. I am going to need a lot of help - my resource photos are already drying up.

My plan is to continue to work on the pattern with the dimensions and pockets I think are there and do a mock up with contrast stitching so we can all see how it is constructed and then take those changes and make a prototype "finish" vest.
So the bottom left pocket.

I am beginning to really think that this pocket has two key things going on that are a bit different than we may have thought.

The first thing is the flap. It looks to me that after scenes with heavier movement, the pocket pops out - but in scenes that are more still, the pocket stays closed. This is why I think - and please chime in! - that the extra flap is made to be tucked up into the top flap.

Check out these pics to see what I mean.

Here it is tucked and you can see the puckering
Here it is a bit untucked from the top flap, but perhaps the second flap is flip over into the pocket.
hanHero2-2 copy.jpg
Then we can see the pocket is popped open and the flap is out and sticking up - possibly?
hanHero2-2 copy.jpg
You can also see it kind of popping out here in the cantina scene

I think the flap is attached with those rows of extra stitching we see.

I will use the top left pocket as possible evidence that the bottom one folds up that high into the flat. The top left pocket is very clearly tucked almost all the way up to the top seam. This can be seen in a lot of photos. It can be seen printing underneath the flap.

The second thing about this pocket is that I am not convinced it is the typical billowed pocket like the others or on the Bespin Jacket. I think this pocket is basically a two piece pocket, top stiched and flipped inside out and then top stitched (or some other hidden stitch) to the vest exterior. The evidence for this is strongest in the SE scenes with Jabba. It is difficult to see, maybe someone can get some blu ray screen grabs? But to me it looks like there are no seams on the top of the pocket connecting it to the billowed piece. This can also be seen a bit in the photo from the cantina scene.

Any thoughts?


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While mocking up the vest in muslin, I came to the conclusion that I do not believe that the ANH vest was lined like the ROTJ vest.

The double seam that I believed I was seeing, to me, now looks like a bias tape. This would make sense to me given its appearance and if it was not lined.

I also realize that I have been calling gussets billows. I'm not a smart man. :facepalm

I will post pics on Thursday. Been going on a workaholic bender this week. Lookin forward to payday!

I just noticed this thread. :)

Very interesting indeed. I may have some photos from the costume I just saw. I'm not sure what vest is on the costume, as it seems like a mash up of a few different costumes.

I took a LOT of photos, but many of them are not in focus due to the low light, and no flash conditions. I will post any that are relevant if any turn out.

Looking forward to seeing this thread develop. I'll help any way I can....perhaps in a pattern form if needed. :)
Hey All,

It seems like there isn't much interest in this thread, but I am going to update anyways. I completed a prototype vest with the patterns that I drafted. I can post photos after work.

I am hesitant to post the patterns though. As I stated, I based them off of the Anderson Designs Falcon Jacket pattern. BUT I did heavily alter each of the 4 pieces from the pattern that I used to the point where I personally feel as though they are different and stand on their own, but I would rather not go down that road with the community...

I will be doing the same thing once I'm done the holster pattern. I will be very, very loosely be basing mine on the Anderson design, but I will be breaking it down, and altering it so much that it wouldn't be recognizable in the least.

I think if you credit the original pattern very openly and honestly, I don't see there being an issue. If you've altered it to the point where you think it is different enough, I don't see the issue. A jacket is a jacket, there is only so much you can do that won't be a copy of some pattern somewhere.

As for this thread. I am quite interested in it. I am just so preoccupied with the holster, I don't have much time to put into this at this moment. Soon though, as I think this is a very worthy thread to have.
Please keep posting! I'm more of a lurker, but I'm absolutely fascinated by everyone's attention to details, yet wanting to add their own personal flair.
Neat project.
I never noticed that the pockets where different between the left and right.

Keep posting, I may have to try my hand at making one. :thumbsup
Thank you guys for the support! I'm interested to hear all these opinions.

Sym-Cha - I probably would not offer vests just because I am not a very skilled seamstress and would feel badly if I accepted money for a product that didn't meet expectations.

Better photos are on their way. Couldn't get an accurate representation of the vest on my phone, so I will be having my girlfriend snap some for me wearing the vest tomorrow.

You can see pretty clearly on the back photo that the waistband is a bit tighter giving it the synched look. The top right pocket is still a bit wonky to my eye. I also think the vest should not be as closed, even though I shortened the closure by MANY inches from the original pattern.IMG_2340.JPGIMG_2336.JPG
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Thanks guys.

I think what I may do is create the pocket patterns and do a tutorial while making a second vest. traveling for work the next few weeks so it may be awhile.
Hey all,

Things at work have finally calmed down a bit so I am getting back to work on this.

The first prototype is done and I will post pics of the fit soon! Overall I am satisfied with the fit and proportions of everything. On this round, I didn't create any dimension to the pockets because I wanted to make sure the pockets looked "right" before i spent effort making them dimensional.

As far as releasing the patterns - I think I have come to a moral compromise. I will create some PDF's of the pocket sewing patterns and release those as well as a video about assembly. This will allow me to give back to you guys and will stop any moral questions about the Dawn Anderson Pattern.

I will begin work tonight on the PDF's so they will hopefully be up by the end of the week!
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