Han Solo Mini Bust Conversion


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This is a "spacer", while I decide on my next long term project. I lasted two weeks after the Deathproof Nova build before I got the itch to build again.

Accurizing the Han Solo mini bust, and giving him some well deserved legs to boot. Here's my starting point.
Cool project-- 'in-betweens' like this can be rewarding; you decide the commitment:stress ratio and you nearly always get a cool surprise or two with the satisfaction of another project brought to completion (as opposed to the alternative, the long-termers that languish)
Thanks and you're right. There is an ulterior motive though, and that's to see if I can nail Harrison Ford's features in preparation for a possible build of a Deckard figure ala Blade Runner.

These are some helpful reference shots of a mould of Ford's face taken from a Japanese site I found. I'll need to account for the years between the two films though. His features looked a little leaner in 77'

Han Solo wears skinny leg jeans!!!

J/K great start! Looks like you've got the proportions on leg length nailed!
Thanks. Quick question. Are his pants blue or black? I've seen a commercially produced kit with blue trousers and red piping, but then other reference photos indicate black pants. I'd find out for myself but I haven't brought the bluray versions of the saga yet and my VHS copies won't fit in my bluray player :)
Here's a shot of his reworked head. Pretty raw. Done with Green Stuff. I'll surface the joins smooth. Note, I added a little tuft between his David Cassidy peaks because it's there.
Here's a shot of the face treated with Mr Surfacer. Still to sand and prime. New adams apple and collar bone knobs, as well as his sleight, pre Indiana Jones chest
Looks great so far Kiwimike. I have had a crack at harrison fords face and its not easy to capture.

Take a few more pics, as that one is a little washed out. I would like to see more.

Yeah, sorry about the crap photography. Here's another attempt, shot with a flash unfortunately but hopefully not so washed out.
Had a productive weekend, nailing the legs, boots, belt and joining it all together. I've only got the gun, holster, and trouser piping to do, as well as painting prep.
Thanks Ozzy. Will post some shots tomorrow of the Corellian piping on his trousers. Simple stuff to do, as it turned out. Printed the piping out on paper using a laser printer. Cut to shape, then softened the paper with white glue so it would follow the line of his legs and applied it. Final touch was pressing firmly in between the piping with a heavy blade, hard enough to make an impression while the paper was still wet but not hard enough to cut the paper.

Too much information?
No, not too much information. I am interested to see how it came out.

I use what ever I can get my hands on at the time, and anything that works. Some model builders stick with the one medium and never diverge, but a lot can be learnt from combining different things.

I have a Blade runner I started a year ago on the shelf, I am interested as to were you are going with yours. Wehn you get to it, maybe we can help each other out.

Look forward to the update.

Here's the piping. As for Blade Runner, would be interested in seeing shots of your build. I'm miles away from starting anything of significance again, given I've just come off a 2 year nine month build of the Chevy Nova from the film Deathproof.
Looking good! Figured I'd chime in as I'm also working on a mini Ford, Blade Runner bust right now. I've got a thread going about it on the prop board, here's the link in case anything I did is useful to either of you:
It's still a WIP but I feel the face and head are getting there. I've done more work since the last pic but have yet to take any new photos.

Kiwimike, I also wanted to thank you for those reference pics of the face cast you posted, they actually helped me quite a bit! I think the fact that it's a monochrome plaster cast made it easier to compare it to my own clay sculpt. Also, the side and 3/4 angle really helped me see some areas I needed to work on.
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