Han solo life sized vac form


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pulled the first vac form of my lifesized han solo woohoo gonna make that table gonna make that door gonna make that fridge :)

2015-04-23 00.49.40.jpg 2015-04-23 00.49.32.jpg 2015-04-23 00.48.46.jpg 2015-04-23 00.48.27.jpg 2015-04-23 00.47.34.jpg 2015-04-23 00.47.15.jpg


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few more pics out in the sunshine
I want to make them available but I need to see what needs to be done to offer them
I am not a premium member and it seems only premium can put project runs
2015-04-25 01.53.50.jpg 2015-04-25 01.53.38.jpg


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its .40 abs plastic so its pretty flexible but holds the shape great
i have to figure out a good way to fold it for shipping ..thats a good challenge haha


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i found a broken one in an auction I think it came from a cinema display maybe cost me an arm and a leg getting it, even in its messed up state it was pretty good
but I had to rebuild it quite a lot and re-sculpt missing pieces ..its not exact but a great base to start with ..for your project
I just watched empire strikes back and its very close ...heres a few more pics in repair mode and painted black for fun
2013-09-01 17.43.39.jpg 2013-09-01 17.43.47.jpg 2013-09-02 16.18.38.jpg


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May I suggest you make your cuts in the folds and creases of his clothing.
It would make it a lot easier to hide them.


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Looks great! My cast from King Jawa just arrived today and I'm going to be starting a project. I was thinking HIC would be perfect for a vacuum form but the King Jawa set looks great and he was a pleasure to deal with. If anyone is looking for a cast I would recommend doing business with him!
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