Han Solo in Carbonite -- Elmer's Carboniting Video


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Re: Han Solo Carboniting Video

Glad to see more people using my idea of glue! I can't claim to be the first, but I had never seen it done before I did mine and after two attempts, I love the glue idea over flexible grout or other materials. One of the things I did to speed up the drying process was pour several small coats. Then when I went to make the texture, it was much easier to spread around and I didn't have to worry about it rejoining. Looking good.


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Re: Han Solo Carboniting Video

The fan blowing all night really did the trick on drying. Almost TOO good, as it solidified a surface skin making normal sculpting impossible. I had to take a knife to it and carve it all up, then start flipping over the large chunks and pressing them down. At the top, where it was deeper, this wasn't a big deal and it was still very wet undernearth and this blending nicely with the chopped up "skin".

At the bottom, where it was shallower, though, was more of a problem. I ended up pouring more glue to soften the look and blend things better. I ended up using my hand to press everything flatter. I think it looks pretty good now, though. Once this is all dry I'll add thinner surface pours in small batches here and there.

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