Han solo holster


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So this is basically a rebuild of my much maligned halloween holster build, which was a last minute, hurried mess....I started out welding up these buckles and the metal hardware that fastens everything together using an acetylene torch and various grinders/sanders/files etc.....Very time consuming, but this holster with withstand the apocalypse and beyond! buckles rough cut.jpg
Then these are the final products minus some paint touch ups. I intentionally left file marks, scratches in the metal and small grooves in the y part clips so it looks like its seen some action...hsb.jpghsb2.jpghsb3.jpg

The buckles were cut from 1/8 inch steel plate. and the loops welded to the back were from 3/16 bar stock from home depot. The belt clips and y part clips were made from 10-12 guage sheet metal also from home depot. The nuts on the back are 5/16 standard hardware with phillips wide head screws cut down to fit Hope ya'll enjoy this build as much as i hope to!!
It looks good and rugged to me. It also looks like they are made in such a way that you can switch the buckles from front to back to change from A New Hope style to The Empire Strikes Back style. If you made an extra one of the large buckles. you could also have a Return of the Jedi version.
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