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Star Wars Han Solo Empire Strikes Back Bespin Blaster Prop DL44 Kit

Sold for 169.99 USD - Out of Stock
Han Bespin Blaster Kit 1.JPG

Han Bespin Blaster Kit 2.JPG Han Bespin Blaster Kit 3.JPG

This is a basic kit that includes a new black, resin cast of a M32 scope that comes pre-drilled and threaded. The flash hider is CNC machined out of aluminum. The mount is machined out of aluminum along with the knob and spacer. The mount is unique to the Han Bespin blaster with rounded radii. The knob is slightly shorter than the Luke version. The scope bolts are CNC machined out of steel. The side details are resin casts of original, vintage V8 model kit parts.
Also included is a set of build instructions that include a list of materials need to complete your blaster. Only a Denix or MGC replica c96 is needed.
I have a limited number of these kits left.

Domestic Priority shipping is $16.

If you're outside of the US, just send me a pm with your country name and I will get back to you with a shipping price.

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