Han Solo DL-44 Lightsaber Concept


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Awhile back a drew up a concept for a Han lightsaber using the DL-44 as inspiration. I came across it while looking through my sketchbook and decided it was time to make it a reality. Started modeling and updating the design as I went. The I started printing all the parts. I made it modular to for easy of printing and painting. 11 printed parts and 3 screws. Still need to prep and paint it but pretty happy how it’s coming along. Long term goals will be making real wood grips and giving it a blade. Would love to hear any thoughts and critiques.







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Love the design! Especially how you incorporated details and greeblies. Can’t wait to see the progress!

The 48th Ronin

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I gotta admit, I was pretty skeptical when I read the thread title.

But I'll be damned... that's actually quite cool! I love the hammer and safety greeblies in particular.

Well done! (y)


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This is a lovely concept! Someone did do this in the custom lightsaber section, so technically there are two of you, but man... nobody does this its so unique!


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Thanks for the kind words. Know others are liking it encourages me to finish it. Hopefully I‘ll be able to get most of the prep/sanding work done weekend. Might be a slow go with the temps topping out around 9 this week

TerranCmdr I have been looking into making them available just now sure how or where yet. In the mean time I have been refining the model. A few of my tolerances were a bit tight. I’ll keep you updated

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