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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Egon, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Egon

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    Hey Everyone,

    After over a year of work, Han Solo is almost done. I got to show it off a bit at Grantie State Comic Con 2015 this weekend. If anyone who was there and recognizes me, please give me some input!

    There are still parts I would like to upgrade, but the parts are as follows:

    Trouser belt from Todd's costumes - weathered with 000 steel wool.
    Holster from Todd's costumes - weathered with various shoe polishes and 000 steel wool.
    Boots from Todd's costumes - Natural aging - calf size is small as others have noticed. I lasted 5 hours of walking and standing.
    Belt tools from Costumebase - pretty okay - but will definitely upgrade when I have time and funds.
    Droid Caller - Doopydoos. Actually disappointed in this casting based on his other kids I've bought.
    DL-44 - Doopydoos weathered with flat primer, enamel, acrylic, and rub n' buff. Upgrading to metal when DEC does another run.

    Made by me:
    Shirt - This went through three generations...One by me, one commission, and this altered turtle neck. Will upgrade when sewing skills improve. I could have sized up on this shirt I think.
    Vest - Version 3 of the vest for the project and 2 by me. Based on my patterns I am working on in another thread. Still working out the kinks, but I think one big change needed is that the back loops are a bit large and all touch one another where they are stitched, Han's look more spread out. Also the bottom left pocket needs to be larger.

    Pants - these were commissioned from a coworker. The blood stripes are ebay finds and are actually really terrific. Overall very happy with these, but the holster hardware needs to be worn in a bit because they are already starting to eat at the denim.

    Need a good wig as I am very bald. Any suggestions?

    I boosted the light a bit in the photos to show off some detail so the colors are not super accurate as to its true look. The shirt is a lot more creamy.

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  2. ItalianNinja86

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    I found the benny from arda wigs when combed and parted does a fantastic job of Hans hair


    Don't let the promo pic fool you its much better and more versatile in person

    I used Spanished Brown for the color with my costume but dark brown would be a fine color also

    costume looks great
  3. halliwax

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    wow it came out really good!!
  4. Egon

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    Thanks guys! It's been a long road and I still have a lot to do, but it's the first project I am proud of.
  5. Egon

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    update with some new photos from RICC. I updated my shirt, vest, and wig.

    IMG_3477.JPG IMG_3485.JPG IMG_3486.JPG
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  6. aeonpulse

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    looks great! my blaster holster and boots are arriving today from Todd's Costumes, so these images are very reassuring. :thumbsup
  7. joesolo1

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    looks fantastic!!
  8. Egon

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    Thank you guys!

    Pulse - the holster is really great for the price. I do agree with the criticism that it's a better ESB holster than ANH because of the color, but if you just ordered I think Todd was having them dyed differently this time around. I think I will transition this holster to an ESB when I get my build for that finished.

    I will hopefully (I desperately need a new laptop...I can barely run firefox right now) get the patterns for the vest up in that thread soon. I just can't run any design program right now.
  9. aeonpulse

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    My holster arrived over the weekend, and holy crap, the quality is great, especially for the price. Todd definitely dyed them differently, the one I received was much more of a dark brown color, as opposed to the reddish color of the one you have. Unfortunately I misjudged what size I needed, belt was way too small for me, so I had to ship it back for an exchange. The people at Todd's were very helpful and quick to respond! :thumbsup
  10. MagicMan666

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    Hi Egon, is that wig the Benny from Arda wigs that ItalianNinga86 suggested? Looks great :)
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