Han Solo ANH shirt


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Hey gang just got a great Han Solo ANH shirt but i feel white is not the true color, is his an off white beige???? if so has any one dyed there white one to this color from white???? if so white dye etc????
I had done the same with my first Han shirt, and it worked out well. The most recent one I made with a natural flannel material, but finding an off-white that didn't look too yellow was difficult. Make sure you wet the fabric first so it doesn't get blotchy when you dye it.
It is supposed to be more of a cream color. Where did you get the shirt, if you don't mind me asking? Could you post a picture or two? I am most interested in seeing the collar and the front opening, along with the hem lines at the end of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt.
I thought more cream to but its how long you let it soak. here is the the photos. its super white compared to my bone white walls.
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