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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Loophole, Sep 5, 2015.

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    Im looking at doing a Han Solo ANH build for a con in late November on a budget about the $400 mark and just wanted peoples thoughts on a couple of things. I may look at upgrading the costume as time goes by.

    I have been looking at costumes from Costumebase which Ive heard isnt too bad for the price. Also been looking at the various cosplay costumes which I know isnt the best but just going for the overall look anyway.
    Wanted to know what peoples thought were on Jedirobe as I havent been able to find many reviews on them.
    I dont mind getting a seperate holster that is slightly better quality too

    I have already bought a toy blaster (the white and orange one) which Im going to paint up and modify myself as I have no problems doing this part myself.

    Any help would be great
  2. Egon

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    I personally have no experience with those vendors but you will definitely get what you pay for for most available Solo stuff as far as I have heard.

    But here is what I would do:

    For the soft parts - if you have a sewing machine and can sew making your own vest and pants can be really doable on the cheap. I paid about ~$40 for the fabric. I got the stripes on eBay for $25 and they were GREAT. The shirt can be made on the cheap using a turtle neck (I used one from Utopia on amazon for $10 shipped) and then giving it a tea bath. I'm working right now on vest patterns (doing some revisions as I learn more.)

    Belt - Todds is about $30 and is a great belt. You can try an amazon one of eBay one but those might be hit or miss.

    Holster - tough - but you could try to use Todd's hardware set if you can do the leather yourself. Or if you have the tools you can get some aluminum and make buckles and get the rivets and snaps and such.

    Belt tools - scratch build is pretty easy.

    Boots - man good luck. Hard to find but check out eBay or etsy. if you have an antique mall around you or flea market if you can. I've come across a few pairs there.

    Blaster - I have a thread about painting the rubies blaster from years ago. I did upgrade to a Doopy and hopefully can get my hands on the next DEC run....

    Good luck
  3. Necronaut

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    Look for the Dawn Anderson Falcon Patterns on Amazon. These jacket & vest patterns are only about $15 and accommodates a large variety of sizes. As well, look for the McCall's 7760 pattern for the white undershirt.
    There are some people on the forums here who have done tutorials on putting the blood stripes on riding pants for decent replica Solo pants.
    There have been a few build threads for Solo belts in the last year. Try Todd's Costumes Solo holster parts kit and read up on some of those builds.
  4. Necronaut

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    And I've heard nothing good at all about JediRobe, unfortunately. Rumoured to be similar quality to StarFortress, which is pretty much zero. Can someone confirm this?
  5. SireKnotlob

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    I'm brand new to all this and quickly realized I didn't really have enough time to get a Solo costume complete by Halloween. I'm not sure how accurate you want it to be, but I'll share what I'm doing. I think it will be close enough for trick or treating with the kids.

    Vest - I'll buy this BDU military shirt and remove the sleeves and collar. $30

    Shirt - I found a long sleeve shirt with a v-neck and mandarin collar here. Remove the one button and I think it'll be pretty close. $16

    Belt - I bought this belt and I'm going to remove the middle prong. $17

    Pants - Old Navy Slim Navy Khakis $35

    Blood stripes - Iron on stripes You may need to buy 2 sets to get the right length. $20 - $40

    Gun - Paint the toy flat black. $13

    Holster - I'm not going cheap on this one. The holster will be the first "good" piece to a real costume. I bought the kit and a friend is going to help me make the leather holster. $100 for the kit and another $60ish for the leather. You could also just buy the completed holster for $225 and be done. The pre-made kit does't hold the more realistic guns though. The muzzle flash piece makes the gun to long from what I understand. If someone has a decent holster and belt alternative I'd like to hear for the sake of completing the makeshift costume.

    Boots - Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm doing. I may just wear some black work boots and call it a day. A friend said I should look at black rubber work boots as an alternative.

    Hopefully this helps.
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  6. Egon

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    Todd's completed holster will absolutely fit most accurate blasters. I think the only one it doesn't fit is the Greedo Killer because the other flash hider is longer.

    This is my Todd's ANH holster with a Doopydoos ANH Hero in there.

  7. Loophole

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    Well Ive got my costume together ready for Supanova in Adelaide for 2 weeks time. I went with the costumebase version which I know is wrong in so many ways but it looks the part,
    I am now thinking of having a go and redoing the whole thing from scratch just have to learn how to use a sewing machine again and how to use patterns already bought a shirt pattern for myself. I did tea dye the shirt to give it a vintage look and the fact that bright whites just dont suit me lol.
    The boots are just a generic costume zip up style as I couldn't get riding styles for a decent price for my big feet US14 which is harder to find in oz land.
    The gun is a rupies which I just painted up leaving the gun tip orange for con rules. The belt is from Todds costumes which is great and is now my daily belt :)

    P.S. dont mind the mirror message


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