Han shot first....So did Indy

Don't give him any ideas.

at least for this Movie it was ORIGINALLY meant to be a big fight before Indy knocked him out or something.
Not as in starwars "well I always originally planned it to have greedo shoot first and Han later" If you wanted it to be that from the beginning, then you could have shot the scene, that way from the beginning.
I believe that is Spielberg's call, not Lucas'.

I think i read somewhere or watched an interview....indiana jones was suppose to have an all out fight with the sword guy....however, harrison ford was suffering from the flu or food poisoning and was too weak to film the fight scene

so they opted to have indy just shoot the guy
George could maybe make a special edition where the swordman rise up after indy turned around and he open up his robes and shows :

just like in Fistful of dollars
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Actually parts of the big sword vs whip fight WERE filmed, Harrison was to sick to do any more of it, so when Steven was wondering what to do, Harrison said if it was him he would just shoot him and get on with looking for Marion
Why has not Lucas not changed the Indy shot first scene from Rotla.
YouTube - ‪Best Gun Fight..... EVER!‬‏
If the Han shot first scene made Han look bad, then i think the Indy shooting scene makes him look bad as well.

One story I picked up was that the ANH change was dictated by the MPAA for the Special Edition release in '97. Had the scene been left unchanged it would have been reclassified as a PG-13 movie (a rating that didn't exist in '77). To keep ANH at a PG rating the scene had to be changed.

Since Raiders isn't being re-released they don't have to change it to appease the MPAA. And since there's no kids being threatened with guns in that scene there's no reason Steven would be overly sensitive and replace Indy's weapon with a walkie-talkie.

Doesn't preclude some other non-precidented unfavorable change of course :)
There is a special hell for directors who digitally alter classics
like ET or the SW Cantina scene. I visualize George
Lucas crucified upside downwith a fat white duck named
Howard sitting on his face.
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I remember reading that Indy made that up on the spot, that it was not in the script (which may or may not be true). Either way, I still love Han and Indy :)
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