Han in Carbonite - Kiwi Build


Hi All,
My first post here, but it looks like the perfect place to chronicle my Han in Carbonite Build.
I'll try and keep an accurate BOM for anyone interested in creating their own.
And the plans I created for the box and base I'll add to the second post.

So I started with Wes Cokes Mold, which I found on ebay for around $225USD + shipping - I was more than happy with the Quality and fibreglass construction
It comes in 3 pieces so be prepared to do some filling over the joins. (also the 2 feet pieces of course which are cast in Resin)

Given I live in NZ, shipping parts can be quite costly, so a lot of things I'll be trying to source locally.

I should also stress, I am relatively new to doing any sort of woodworking - so some bits might appear a little rough around the edges.


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So once I got the cast, I got onto the design - I modelled it based on the blueprints readily available everywhere - here a shot of the first draft - I ended up adding an extra support to the back.
The base is based on SirCharles77's build

The plans I sent off to be CNC'd are attached as a PDF - I basically used 3 sheets of 1220x2440 12mm MDF - each page in the PDF being one of the sheets



  • Darrin HIC Box-Trim 12mm v3.pdf
    162.4 KB · Views: 93


I'd always planned on using a Curve Router to get the 10mm and 5mm radius curves - so I tested this on the base bits, and was super happy with how easy it was, once it was dialed in - definitely a beg borrow or hire for your build.


Next step was building the base, given my lack of woodworking skills, I decided to start on the base, so any mistakes I made would have less impact than if I did them on the box itself.

So framed out - I did make a small error in the design, where the 'vents' were too close to the edge to box fully all of the way around, hence the shorted bits at the top.


And finally all glued and screwed - apart from the very front panel which is just sitting in pace at the moment.


So time to fill, sand and prime.
Then I'll be adding the base lighting -
Probably be a couple of weeks before I can get onto the main box, so keep watching this space.


Prior to priming sanding and painting the base, I decided to test the internal lighting.
I just happened to have an 5m RGB LED Strip sitting around doing nothing, so thought it would be a great inclusion.
From prior Experience nothing diffuses the light better than 20mm thick packing material (Polyethelene) with an inch spacing between the LEDs and the Diffuser.



So back into it, been a lot of sanding, priming and filling - repeated.



I used an oil based primer - brushed on a coat quiet thick, and then sanded back with 320Grit - it came out really smooth.
Then filled the obvious bits that were rough and tidied up a couple of the corners, and rolled on another coat with a foam roller, and sanded that smooth.


After gluing and screwing the cast to the base, it is time for the first carbonite pass.
Its just a wall compound, which is laid on pretty roughly, to be sanded and shaped once dry.



And lastly for this pass, I added some PVA Wood glue in key areas to cover the Screw heads, and start blending the pieces a little better. Now a 2 to 3 day drying time from what I've seen online, before I can shape it further.
I am considering doing the final covering using a Doming Resin - so will let post those photos once that part is done.



Nearly Paint time, A Coat of resin made a huge improvement to the Carbonite look, I'll do one more coat to add some more detail and fix a couple of minor issues, then ready to paint. my Todd Blatt volvo panels should be arriving next week, so then on to the hardware.
For those wanting to try it, this was 500ml of Resin, so will end up being a litre in total





First coats of Paint for the carbonite area - and I am more than happy with the result. turns out the resin worked really well.
So for reference I've used 2 cans of Rust-oleum Flat Antique Nickel.
Will hopefully paint the box tomorrow, weather permitting.
I still need to add the Dark wash to highlight the seems, edges a bit, and I'll also add some sliver rub n buff to highlight some edges, before putting down a coat of Rust-oleum Gloss Clear 2X Ultra Cover.






Todd Blatts Volvo reproduction panels have arrived as well, so onto the side bits.
I'm going to attach small Neodynium Magnets to each panel so they can be easily removed if I need to store or transport this anywhere.


I'm also going to resin print the LED Displays - as don't really like the look of the 7 Digit displays in use lately. (And its hard to get the +- display)
Will run everything via an Arduino, so once complete will post a wiring schematic and Arduino Script.
The original Displays were Valvo Gas Discharge Displays - theres some great info in the link below



Hero Panel.jpg

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