Hamunaptra Map printed on papyrus


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Hi guys,

In my Hamunaptra functionnal key i have a printed Hamunaptra map but seriously :angry...

I would like to have this map on a Papyrus :love, but i don't have scanner and i didn't find anything.

Can you help me guys?


division 6

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To be authentic to (reality at least) it should be hand painted.
When ever I eventually get around to doing one that's what I intend to do.

Alan Castillo

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You can buy a4 sheets of papyrus and print on them if your printer isn't too fussy.

Yep. That's exactly what I did.

Image, Papyrus, Printer. That's it. No special printer, just a run-of-the-mill-Canon.




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is there someone to share a hi res pic of the map : i'd like to paint (or print) mine.
Thank you

Alan Castillo

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Guys, I'm sorry, but much as I may want to, I really can't share the image.

Thing is, the image was taken with my camera, from a map that I had bought from Tazvader. This one


If I publicly share the image I took, 'free for all style', it boils down to a form of recasting in my mind, which I will not do.

Sorry folks, but hope you understand my reason.

I have no problem sharing images, even if I paid for them (eg. the Grappa Bottle Label from 5th Element), but not this one, as it is a different matter.

Do a search through the forums, I believe I saw another one somewhere a while back.


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@DavvVO Thanks my friend it's great !!!

@Alan: it's normal i understand no problem about that, thanks again to share your collection pictures :love
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