Hammers Slammers - by David Drake - Jaochim Stueben's Pistol 1cm Powergun Graphic


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Background: (For those who already know the story - there is no need for explanation. Anyone would recognize the Weapon Prop carried by on Joachim Stueben)

HAMMER's SLAMMERS Series - Sci Fi Military Books by David Drake - Captured my imagination as a child. The Book series has expanded and evolved over the years to an internet following, roll playing games, 3D Gaming, and spin off series. The adventures are stories of hard hitting characters facing overwhelming odds while wielding some of the most powerful and effective weapons of Military Ground force combat ever produced - the main battlefield tank. The tools of the Mercenary Marauders have long been the subject of endless debate - the Infamous Energy Weapons fondly described as Powerguns. David Drake's powerguns spray super heated cyan plasma that plows through a human target turning a torso into a scorched lifeless husk spewing superheated gasses and bodily fluids as the terror beams rake across their targets in a rage of energy wash gone wild. One Character stand out from all the rest. Major Joachim Stueben - the most efficient and prolific killer in Hammer's Regiment - carries one item like no other: A custom 1 cm Powergun pistol - it is engraved and bares a set of ornate flowered custom grips displaying the finest set of Red Roses ever made.

LINKS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammerverse

SEE ATTACHED: A Graphic to inspire a prop. A graphic representation of the iconic pistol that is the source for the stories of Major Stueben and his legendary exploits.

PLEASE provide feedback. I designed a full set of Powerguns for the Slammers. This Graphic was only the first

ANYONE Who likes or dislikes the graphic might help me determine what to do with the rest of the sketches..

My thanks to the "Pimp My Gun" flash game for the Basic design. Photoshop for the execution. David Drake for the years of stories feeding my obsession for Military adventure in the vastly hostile universe.

Jaochim Stueben's Pistol Graphic Final Hi Rez.jpg Gordon
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