HALO: The Fallen VFX Teaser Trailer

Thanks Wes! Hopefully with all the Halo fanfilms, the big boys in Hollywood would consider making an actual Halo film and not get diverted into doing something like District 9 again...lol!
I've lost faith in Hollywood movies based on games after hearing they want Christian Bale in Metal Gear solid instead of David Hayter and won't even let him write it after helping write the first 2 xmen movies. I'm worried a live action halo movie would end up looking like transformers.
I don't blame you for thinking that Wes, on both accounts. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully that Steven Spielberg would deliver a promising Halo movie.
I think it would be good if he directed it but the movies he produces lately don't always pan out. I'd like to see it shot as an old style war movie and not the new wave of movies where the cameras move so fast you get motion sick. Film it like Apocalypse Now and it would be interesting.
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