Halo Reach Halseys Journal


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Before I spend ages scanning and taking reference pictures, I want to see if there is any interest in Halseys Journal that came with Halo Reach. It'd be a cool prop to go with a Halo display as is what I intend to do with it. So if this gets a decent amount of interest I'll get the pictures done.
Weren't there a thread about this once before? I think I remember someone scanning the whole journal. Search for it and look, if you can't find it then I would love new scans!
Bear posted a file containing the journal

Just did some surfing and came across this .rar file that contains high-rez scans of all the paper documents from the special edition, including the journal. I checked them out, and there are no problems with any of the files.

oni archive module.zip

Click on: List of Files to see a complete listing of all the file that are included.

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