Halo Reach Brute Spiker


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Hi guys,

I always wanted to build this gun.

Something about giant illogical blades attached to rifles which fire hot spikes really does it for me. Also I needed a break from my other more-or-less-always-incomplete projects so I decided to start another one I will probably never finish. Anyway, onwards!

I decided to build the Halo Reach version cause it had the best references in terms of multi-angle shots. These shots allowed me to draw up a bunch of blueprints that I printed out, transferred them onto 2mm PVC sheets and then cut them by hand.

Once I got the main blueprints marked out, I started to put it together. Apologies for the crap pictures, I have a camera phone and I work mostly at night after work.

Barrel parts

Barrel internals

Lower body round thing parts

Upper main body parts

Test fit. By this time I had filled in the main body with Plaster of Paris and epoxied two threaded bolts to hold the barrel securely to the body. I still haven't decided whether this was a good move or an extremely stupid one :/

Lower round thing, I used aluminum from a beer can to round it out...

Here is a dry fit of all the parts so far. I had a PVC pipe lying around that fortunately were perfect for the barrels. I also filled the upper body with more Plaster of Paris, and sanded it down to make the contour.

I cut the pieces for the side plates of the barrels and attached them.

By this time, I decided to add light to this thing. Brilliant idea but I've never added LEDs to anything before or worked with electronics ever. Also, I never designed it to have space for a battery. Joy. But anyway, after some reading, questioning and not burning my house down, I managed to light 5 LEDs. Honestly, it was a big moment for me, because I have never done anything like this before.

I moved on to the sights on top of the upper body. The black stuff is plumber's putty and the amount used is a testament to my skills :/

Added more putty to the barrel side plates and those things that go on them.

I then moved on to the upper body shroud. I measured and cut everything and the thing still turned out too small. So I sliced it through the middle and added more putty to make it fit. I used auto body filler and sanded it to make it smooth.

The lower round thing was a bit more complicated. I only have 2mm and 3mm PVC sheets on hand. This lower round thing had to have channels. So I measured out a piece of 2mm PVC sheet and sanded it tediously down to what I hoped would be 1mm and cut the channels in. I then rolled it over the round thingy and added more putty to blend it in. Everything was sanded smooth later.



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Started on the barrel. Added more plumber's putty and bondo to get a bit of thickness.

Then I tried to complete the barrel, adding the upper and lower parts. Lots of bad fit. Lots of bondo and sanding :/

Unfortunately, it seems after this point, I worked on all the little bits and bobs but I failed to take pictures. The angular stuff that holds the blades were quite fun to do and I'm glad they worked out cause I had nothing more complicated than a cutting knife and a ruler. Both blades are pointing in the same direction and have the exact angle so that's awesome.

I used a hacksaw blade and cut the blades out of 2mm acrylic sheets I had lying around. Including the tiny little blade at the bottom of the handle. I added more detail pieces and filled in all the gaps. I couldn't resist putting it together at this point to see where I was.

Lot's of sanding left to do at this point. Many bits and bobs still missing. A LOT of filling and work left.


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After tons of sanding, filling, more sanding, filling and days filled with bits and bobs, all of which I've forgotten to take a picture of, this is where I am now. it's held together by friction hence the tape and the bad angles.

All the reference pictures I have indicates this gun is treated very badly. Lot's of scratches, cracks and scars so I didn't concentrate on getting the parts perfectly smooth. Especially the harder to reach places. Mostly cause I was lazy and couldn't be bothered and it fit the story perfectly. There's lots of work left but I'm close to finishing it.

Now I am a bit confused. I'm wondering whether to paint it up as is or should I cast it. I've never casted anything before so that's a bit daunting. If I do want to cast it later, can I cast it after paint? Thoughts guys?

Hope you liked it so far.

B Wo

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That looks awesome! I've always had a Playstation, so I missed the whole Halo franchise. I always enjoy seeing new weapons from the series.

Thanks for sharing your build progress. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

I Athena I

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I can't wait to see it done! Wow I just can't believe it. :eek

~ I Athena I
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Thanks guys. Paints are coming tomorrow. Never painted anything before so this should be fun :)