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franz bolo

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Does anyone have any Halo props made by Legacy Effects or any other prop company?
I see a lot of fan made stuff but is there anything made for the shorts we see on youtube?

I saw some of the Weta props but does anyone own them?

Aus Askar

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I've never seen anything being sold or in private hands. Bungie might have given theirs out when they gave up Halo but I think Microsoft has held on to theirs for future shorts/promotions.


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Bungie has all of the Halo props made by Weta for the Landfall short on display at the studio.

here's that short btw:

A few years ago at the Childs Play auction, Halo Marine armor (again by Weta for Landfall), was up for sale. A friend of mine bought it. I'm wearing it here :p
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I can't remember if 343 has any props and such. I didn't see anything, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there. I mostly saw little halo knick-knacks like the Halo Megablocks sets on display.
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