Halo ODST helmet WIP


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I'm working with a group of friends in Minnesota making some Halo ODST costumes for next summer's CONvergence convention. We're doing most of the armor from pepakura patterns, and after that, we're planning to make multiple copies, either by vacuforming or by molding and casting them.

I decided to start with the helmet. (Nothing like starting with the hardest part, huh?) Here's the finished pep:
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The Angry Birds there are to protect the helmet from being damaged by pigs.

I did the hardening with epoxy resin, instead of polyester resin, because polyester resin smells for days. Here's the inside with the fiberglass cloth:
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And, I'm doing myself a favor here by building a lip on the inside of the bottom, so I won't spill plastic outside of the mold:
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Here's the finished helmet after filling and leveling it with Bondo, and giving it a coat of gray primer so I could make sure it looks smooth:
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View attachment 75938

Over the weekend, I've been working on the mold making. I'm using Rebound 25 brush-on silicone from Smooth-On. Here's the first coat.
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And, here's the second coat.
View attachment 75940

I'll post more updates as I go along.


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I think I'm going to do the visor by thermoforming some clear PETG plastic over a cast of the visor section. I'm also going to see if my local plastics supplier, Plastics International, can provide Mylar or some other film in the color that an ODST visor should have.

Are there other clear pieces besides the wraparound visor? (I'm sort of a Halo n00b.)
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