Halo Mark VI/Reach Hybrid abomination


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So I've been a member here for quite some time, the usual lurking in the shadows with the occasional post and what have you.
Now after getting over my cold feet (partly due to the awesome blokes at the 405th) I think it's time to show my latest baby to other (halo and non halo) fans to get some critique.

It started off with a suit I got from a 405th member via eBay last year, it was sold under the pretext of slightly banged up and that it'd need some minor body work, me being lazy and wanting to have a new suit jumped it.


However with customs being challenged dicks at time, they manhandled my box and it arrived in shambles, so skip ahead 3+ months and I it got patched back up to it's former glory.




With that however I wasn't pleased, getting the taste of things I started reading up on the 405th and made contact with blackulla and thorssoli and started peping my own parts.







Then the evil thought hit me, let's use the old suit as a base and build from that, thinking just that I started adding pieces to it, shoulders first, then a helmet from blackulla








And now I'm sitting here casually pepping my knife while I'm waiting for my AR from thorssoli.

So yeah, it's mostly still a WIP but it's slowly getting there, my idea is to make a Mark VI utilizing reach parts not exactly cannon but then again who gives a damn about my silly tastes.
I finished my helmet's outside today and hope to have the fan and padding installed by next week.
So yeah hit me with your critique and or suggestions.
Looks Good So far. I am also working on my own suit of Halo Mark VI armor, but I am way behind you on that LOL I hope mine looks half as good as yours does. LOL I GO by the same name at the 405th that i go by here if you are interested in what little i have done. LOL
One peping night later




Will prolly start epoxying it up this weekend.

If all goes well I might have everything assembled next weekend, just need to sand/paint the AR and mount the knife after it's pepped etc. then it's just figuring out how to avoid strapping hell.
Updates, always with those pesky updates.
AR from thorssoli came in which then promptly got dragged to my sanding shed.

Meanwhile the knife and sheath got painted in their basic colors, now I just need to wrap the handle up in a leather strap (main reason why I didn't sand it straight) and that bit aught to be done.



Meanwhile the Assault rifle is now on my bench drying from it's first 2 primary colors.


When it's properly dried I'll add detail, shading and add the nobs, bolts and what have ye.

p.s. thorssoli is awesome, he even included an LED flashlight thats just perfect.
Behold an update after a month!
Helmet has been fitted and padded, got the parts for the fans etc. just need my battery pack to arrive so I can start soldering it.
Fits good and when I shove the 4 batteries that will create the pack's power on the opposite side of the command piece the thing is actually balanced, oh boy!

Knife has been mounted to chest and stays firmly in place after rethickening it (I sanded it to much initially and it kept falling out.)

The assault rifle pictures are of it whilst still drying, the orange tip is a silly yet effective dutch law so I have to comply with it or else it ain't coming with me to the event in February.

Shoulder 1 is currently drying from fiberglass hell, if it's done and holds I might get the suit done before the end of next week.

Creativity :: Helemet fits video by techkman - Photobucket










Things left to do:
- Attempt to craft a monkey that can help me put this on (did this alone with a auto fire camera which took 700+ awkward posed pictures) friend is coming to the next con so it aught to sit better.

- Wear black underneath, my gray shirt is showing through.

- insert helmet fan so that I don't die, currently it's comfy (heat wise) but that might be cause I was in a shed at night.
Well it's a few days after the con and photo's are casually coming in.
As promised I'll make a link here and will welcome any and all critique, however you won't see any shoulders on me mostly because my companion managed to "break" them by sitting on them in the car ride over... I'll fix them later and or kill him. not per say in that order.


Tsunacon 2012 pictures by techkman - Photobucket
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